Thursday , January 18 2018

About Me

About Me

Hello visitors  i am Ritesh.  I  graduated from T.john College Bangalore. Now i am in India(Bangalore) but basically i am from Nepal.  I am in Bangalore for my higher studies. I am very much interested to develop web pages and blogs. This is my first WordPress blog to help college students in their project and coding parts.

The Objectives and/or Idea

In my last semester when i started to develop my project, i faced to much of problems so i decided to help student in their projects by sharing the codes and projects, so that students can get the best idea and demo project from my blog. I am offering the paid project with full technical and Installation support through remote computer. All the paid projects are full error free with the documentation and database.

What all i know about Internet/Computer

  • Web Development (HTML, PHP, WordPress)
  • Blogging (Blogger, WordPress)
  • Google Adsense( Earn money through google ad)
  • Making Money Online(Affiliate Marketing, Adsense  & Freelancing)
  • Social Media( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+)

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Some Memories

I am the developer of this blog. Ritesh Kumar.
Ritesh & N.Shree
BFF (She is the one who suggested the blog name)
BFF(Best Friend Forever)