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Airlines Reservation System Java Project

Java Based Project on Airlines Reservation System

This project Airlines Reservation System is developed using JAVA and SQL. This project helps to book the flight tickets. It helps to manage the tickets and the passenger details at a single place. Airlines Reservation System will help the Airlines company to manage the every detail in a single place.

Airlines Reservation System

The purpose of this section is to state the Goal and Objectives of the Software Project. The project Airlines Reservation System presented here is the Airline Reservation System. Airline reservations system is an integrated passenger processing system, including inventory, fares, ticket-less operations and credit card transactions. All communications are via TCP/IP network protocol enabling the using of both intranet and internet communications world wide. The solution includes several standard items, which are combined to provide an integrated solution with interfaces to other business systems. The Airlines Reservation System is based on open architecture, using industry standard equipment and software. The open nature of VRS allows the addition of new systems and features, ensuring that the VRS system can be adapted to keep up with the changing requirements of the airline business. The VRS suite of software includes the functions of.

Airlines Reservation System has these many features.

  • Reservations 
  • Flight inventory
  • Fares
  • Ticketing-Ticket less module
Airlines Reservation System
Airlines Reservation System

All user/agents are allocated a SINE code, which is used during sine-on and then appended to all transactions carried out by the agent for security purpose. The flights may be specified within a particular date range and may be used to display different classes of service and different fares within a specific seating class. Sell from availability when it has been displayed and a simple entry is used to sell seats. A direct sale may be made using a long hand entry if the flight details are fully known.


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