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Gmail Outlook Settings In Outlook 2016

How-To Configure/Settings Gmail In Outlook 2016

To configure Gmail Outlook Settings In Outlook 2016 we have to follow these simple steps. Don’t miss a single steps else you can’t able to configure in your outlook 2016.

First, you have to install the latest version of Microsoft Ofice 2016 for configure outlook 2016

Download Office

Then change some setting in your Gmail account. Follow these stapes.

Sign into your Gmail Account.

Go to setting.

gmail outlook settings


Then Click  “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”.


gmail outlook settings


And Make  IMAP Status ENABLE”.

gmail outlook settings

Save The Settings.


Then Goto this Link and “Allow less secure apps: ON”  Link


gmail outlook settings


Open the Updated Outlook 2016


Click Add Account

gmail outlook settings

Enter your Emai ID

gmail outlook settings

Click Connect


It’ll automatically set everything for you.


gmail outlook settings

After that again click “Connect”


Enter Your Password

gmail outlook settings

All Set. You are ready to go.

This is how you can Configure Gmail Outlook Settings in Microsoft Outlook 2016

For More Detail Explanation About Gmail, Outlook Settings Watch this Video.

Watch Full Video Till the End And Follow Each And Every Stapes.

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