93 Crore Malware Targeted Windows OS Last Year; Cryptojacking Will Rise in 2018!

93 Crore Malware Targeted Windows OS Last Year; Cryptojacking Will Rise in 2018!

93 crore malware, Pune-based IT Security giant QuickHeal has released their “Annual Threat Report for Malware– 2018”, and things are not rosy for the IT industry.

An Estimated 93 crore or 930 million malware was detected on Windows OS last year, as per the findings of the report.

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Quickheal predicts that 2018 will be a tough year for the industry, as newer, sharper and more lethal malware will strike computers, mobiles, and gadgets, with crypto-related viruses leading the pack.

How will the digital users survive this onslaught?

93 Crore Malware Targeted Windows OS Last Year; Cryptojacking Will Rise in 2018!

93 Crore Malware Detected On Windows!

The highlight of the report is the case of Windows OS, which attracted massive 93 crore malware, all through 2017.

Both personal and business PCs and mobiles were included in the findings of the report.

Hacker Group “The Shadow Brokers” has been specially mentioned by Quickheal, for unleashing lethal exploits such as EternalBlue, EternalChampion, EternalRomance, and EternalScholar. The chaos caused by dangerous malware campaigns like WannaCry and Notpetya were the result of these exploits.

Attacks on mobiles are also increasing at an alarming pace.

As per findings of QuickHeal, over 1 million malware was detected on Android platform alone.

Sanjay Katkar, Joint Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Quick Heal Technologies Limited said,

“The rising usage of advanced techniques by cybercriminals to propagate into endpoints indicates that the threat landscape will continue to evolve and become more sophisticated with each passing year,”

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Which Malware Will Rise in 2018?

The phenomenal rise of cryptocurrencies will also give rise to more malware, associated with cryptocurrencies.

Ransomware, cryptocurrency mining and zero-day exploits bagged the top headlines last year, and if we believe QuickHeal, then such crypto jacking will continue to rise and disrupt computers/mobiles all over the world in 2018 as well.

A new form of Artificial Intelligence-based crypto jacking will take place, which will methodologically target computers, mobiles and tablets, and mine cryptocurrencies illegally.

93 crore malware

The Quickheal report says that fake apps and virus-laden third-party apps were the primary sources of downloading such malware.

We have already reported how mobile app permissions are the biggest reason for malware on Android phones, and how 36 leading Android-based smartphones were found to be infected with viruses.

It is worth noting here that 25% of all mobile phones are infected by porn triggered malware.

Here is the complete report by QuickHeal.


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