CAIT Tells Govt That Celebrities Are Responsible For Misleading Advertisements!

Way back in 2012, we had asked whether celebrity endorsements actually work or not.

If we analyse the current marketing and advertisement scenarios, then yes, they work like a charm. The celebrities who their fans adore, and love, have a major impact on their buying decisions as well.

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Now, a major trade body of offline retailers and traders have endorsed this view, and in a surprise development, have shared the same with the Govt.

Can celebrities be arrested for endorsing the wrong product?

We will soon find out!

CAIT: Celebrities Are To Be Blamed For Misleading Ads

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), which is an important lobby group, has finally shared their viewpoints pertaining to celebrity endorsements.

In a strong step, they have informed the Govt. that celebrities need to be blamed for any product they endorse.

In a letter addressed to Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, the trade body said,

“Engaging brand ambassadors for product promotions has become widely prevalent and consumers are guided or misguided by such endorsements irrespective of the quality of the products. It is imperative that liability should be cast upon brand ambassadors under the Consumer Protection Act,”

In 2016, we had reported that Govt. is planning to put in place a law, which will hold celebrities responsible for any products they endorse. The amendments to the laws meant that in future, celebrities can also be imprisoned for any product they endorse.

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But for that, the newly reformed Consumer Protection Act should be passed.

CAIT: Please Pass Consumer Protection Act ASAP!

CAIT has requested the Govt. to pass the critical Consumer Protection Act, which will introduce several laws and regulations against businesses, and celebrities in order to protect consumer interest.

A major trade body like CAIT pushing for passing this bill is indeed surprising.

In the letter addressed to Minister Paswan, CAIT has requested that all MPs should come together, and attempt to pass the Consumer Protection Act in this session itself.

CAIT has clearly said that this bill was a dream of PM Modi, and should not be delayed anymore.

The Consumer Protection Act was introduced in 2015 and was passed by the Union Cabinet. However, it is still stuck in the Parliament, where it needs the majority approval.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more inputs.

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