Samsung Will Launch Affordable India-Focused Smartphones!

Xiaomi became the number one smartphone brand in India in the last quarter of 2017. A position Samsung enjoyed for almost a decade. The South Korean tech giant won’t let go of the Xiaomi-defeat so easily. With the launch of Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in India, Samsung is gearing up for a wide range of India-focused smartphones soon.

The smartphone manufacturer is planning a wide release of affordable smartphones across multiple price segments, especially for the Indian audience in the next 12 months. This move is seen as an effort to counter the rising competition from their Chinese counterparts.

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Faster Internet Speeds For India & Samsung Rewards

Samsung brought its newly-launched flagships Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus to India which have multiple “Made for India” features. One such was “LTE Carrier Aggregation”. The new LTE feature let users stream internet or mobile data at 2.5 times faster speeds.

Samsung has partnered with telecom operators Reliance Jio and Airtel for “LTE Carrier Aggregation“. The new feature will use spectrum across different bands, which will merge the bands into one single pipe, and in result will offer higher bandwidth with faster streaming and downloads. This will make S9 and S9 Plus the fastest smartphones on 4G networks in the country.

The company also launched its own loyalty programme called “Samsung Rewards” where customers will get awarded for buying Samsung smartphones.

Samsung India’s Future Plans: India-Focused Smartphones

Samsung is planning multiple India-focused devices, which will launch over next one year across different price segments. The upcoming India-focused smartphones will be available across all the online and offline channels from time to time.

Last year Samsung had a 24.7 percent share in the market and was the declared leader in the overall Indian smartphone market, according to the numbers revealed by International Data Corporation (IDC). But Xiaomi is still dominating the market and is ahead of the South Korean company.

The company has said that it will continue to invest in and focus on the channels where consumers seek to engage or buy or own Samsung devices, irrespective of offline or an online channel.

Asim Warsi, Global Vice President, Samsung India, added, they are present ubiquitously across all the channels in India which is core to our channel strategy and will continuously keep investing and expanding its reach not just on the channel’s part but also at the same time will expanding its after-sales service network.

Samsung & The Chinese Competition

The Chinese manufacturers have taken over half of the Indian smartphone market. Though, Samsung still has the largest retail network in India with over 150,000 touch points across the country.

The company is aware of the growing Chinese competition. Samsung is confident of expanding its market share in the coming days, with its core strengths being R&D and innovations.

Samsung will invest $14 billion (around Rs 90,900 crores) in R&D globally. The company has five global R&D centres in the country with two manufacturing units and it plans to add more under its ‘Make For India’ initiative.

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