School Management System


Visual Basic And SQL Server Projects On School Management System

Visual Basic and SQL Server is the core language of this School Management System project. The main feature of this project is to manage all activities of school/college. Activities like Student attendance, teachers employed, School expenditures etc. This project will manage all the detail process from application and admission. School management is very useful for all the college and school to manage about the detail of student. It keeps the record of all the student so that anybody can access the detail easily. It reduces the paper work and makes the work done faster. It also keeps the record of all the event the. It can help to the school to keep and track the record of all the student. It keeps the record of a student about the fee and payment detail. Which help school to track the due amount and paid amount student. This project provides a lot of features to manage the student detail in very well manner. This project contains a lot of advanced modules which makes the back-end system very powerful.

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Visual Basic 6.0


Visual Basic 6.0 is used as the front-end which is developed by Microsoft. It is the software which is used to develop a software application. At the latest time the Visual basic is not that famous because Microsoft stopped the support and the latest update. In the place of Visual Basic Visual Studio is being used which is advanced than Visual Basic. Visual Basic is old but best for the freshers.

Payroll Management System In VB and SQL

Microsoft SQL Server

Automation Inventory System in VB and SQL Server

SQL Server is required as the back-end of this project which is a data base provided by Microsoft. Which is very much common in all the development and all. Microsoft SQL server is one of the best database programs in the market.


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