Student Information System using Vb and SQL

Student Information System

Student Information System using visual Basic And SQL Server

This project Student Information System has been developed in Visual Basic and SQL Server. The main objective of developing this project is to manage Student details, Prospective Students, Student Marks Details, Student Attendance Records and all the Students related data. This system is very useful for schools, colleges, and universities because for every college, school and universities important task for administration department is to manage student information details in a procedure oriented manner with latest updates for every year which need to be available for easy access.


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Student Information System


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This project is used to save each and every detail of student. Getting the student detail will be easy to access and manage because of all the data about the student manager at the single place. Even here everyone can see the courses available, sections, teachers and other information. Teachers can keep track of students attendance, class performance, assignment details, exam performance details etc.

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A student can also use this project to check their basic details like results, marks, attendance etc. This project is a student-level data collection system. This application has a good appearance and is very easy to operate. It is very simple and easy to access at Visual Basic.

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This project is best for the college to manage the student details at the single place. This project contains a lot of advanced modules which makes the back end system very powerful.


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